1. To The Bounce (incl. Sossa Remix)
    Marco Destro

  2. The Stars (Part 2) (incl. Oscar P and Dazzle Drums Remixes)
    Dj Vivona

  3. Burning Edges (incl. Christy Love Remix)

  4. Brazilism (incl. Carlos Francisco Remix)
    Randomized Coffee

  5. Trying Ep
    Giacomo Trevi

  6. Fourth (incl. Dj Vivona, Cee ElAsssaad and Beyond Tone Remixes)

  7. Soul Roots Ep
    Stelio Rodrigues

  8. Suits Ep
    Marco Destro

  9. Sunclock's Traxxx ADE Edition 2016
    Various Artists

  10. Rush Of A Music Part 2 (incl. Q Narongwate Remix)
    Vialocal feat. L'adc

  11. The Stars
    Dj Vivona

  12. Ausonia Ep
    Giuseppe Magnatti

  13. Interleaved Ep

  14. Deep Sentiments Ep

  15. Summer
    Various Artists

  16. Red (incl. Dj Vivona Remix)
    Mephia, Bobby Starr

  17. Summer (incl. Cristian Vinci Remix)
    Randomized Coffee

  18. Modi Ep (incl. Pablo Martinez and Giuseppe Magnatti Remixes) - SNK029
    El Niño I.T.

  19. Batik Ep
    Rhythm Staircase

  20. Angels Cry Part 2 (incl. Boo Williams and Abicah Soul Remixes)
    Dj Vivona feat. Jinadu

  21. Again (incl. Tarantini & Romero, Talkback and Dj Vivona Rmxs)
    JP Chronic feat. Thallie

  22. Noumea (incl. Mephia & Myxzlplix Remix)
    Giuseppe Magnatti

  23. Lala (incl. Jus Nativ, FrenzyDreamz and Kay-9ine Rmxs)
    Footsounds feat. Gemini E Porter

  24. Paname (incl. Manoo Remix)
    Armand Camille

  25. Just So You'll Know Part 2 (Echonomist and SoulPoizen Rmxs)
    Dj Vivona feat. Rahjwanti

  26. Eyes On U (incl. Justin Imperiale, Q Narongwate and Cee ElAssaad Remixes)
    Bob'Ezy feat. Siya

  27. Fragments Ep (incl. feat. Rescue Poetix and Rafael Moraes Remix)

  28. WMC 2016
    Various Artists

  29. Escape From The Ropes (Remix)
    Leonardo Chevy

  30. Masai Woman's
    Cristian Vinci, Mirko Vice

  31. Noise Pollution Ep (incl. Dj Vivona Remix)
    Abicah Soul

  32. Mahboubti (incl. Jose Marquez and Dj Vivona Remixes)
    Cee ElAssaad

  33. Nanogram Ep
    Xerophytic Soul

  34. Music Is (incl. Stefan Biniak Remix)
    Junior Pappa

  35. Reflection
    Sossa feat. Snowflake

  36. Drink In My Cup, Pt. 2
    Dj Vivona

  37. 7 Years Later Ep
    Abicah Soul

  38. You've Done Me Wrong (incl. Sebb Junior Remix)
    Greg Gauthier

  39. Angels Cry
    Dj Vivona feat. Jinadu

  40. Rush Of Music (incl. Abicah Soul, Myxzlplix and Dj Vivona Remixes)
    Vialocal feat. L'adc

  41. Estrella (incl. Cristian Vinci and Mephia Remixes)
    Randomized Coffee

  42. China Town (incl. Jazzuelle, Diephuis and Dj Vivona Remixes)

  43. Elevate (incl. Junior Pappa & Dj Vivona Remixes)
    Jon Cutler feat. Blackfoot U-Ahk

  44. Agboho (incl. N'Dinga Gaba & Pablo Martinez Remixes)
    Randomized Coffee

  45. On My Way (incl. JP Chronic Remix)
    Sossa feat. Donnie Ozone

  46. Automatic Love Ep
    Frankie Deep

  47. Escape From The Ropes Ep
    Leonardo Chevy

  48. Just So You'll Know (incl. Opolopo Remix)
    Dj Vivona feat. Rahjwanti

  49. Raymond
    Sossa feat. Dirty Green

  50. Still (incl. Vialocal & Dj Vivona Remixes)
    Monocles & Slezz feat. Vusani

  51. We Move Ep

  52. A World Of Compression Ep

  53. Drink In My Cup (incl. Rocco & Toto Chiavetta Remixes)
    Dj Vivona


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